A chi ball is literally an energy ball which was originally based on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine, a mass of energy which can be sent to anybody at any time.

When you purchase a chi ball attunement, you will receive a chi ball made with the energy of that healing system.

How to receive a chi ball attunement.

The process is very easy but it does rely on your intention, this means that you must be open and willing to accept it.

Receiving a chi ball should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, therefore we suggest that you choose a time and a place where you will not be disturbed, and of course you are able to turn off the phone!

You might want to play some some soft, non vocal music quietly in the background and dim the lights to create a peaceful environment. Candles and incense can also be beneficial but please make sure that they are in a safe place because you may become deeply relaxed or sleepy.

Make sure that you are sitting comfortably with your feet firmly on the ground, you might want to have bare feet so that you feel more connected to the earth, and place your hands in your lap, palms facing up if you can. If you prefer to lay down, this is OK too, whichever way you choose please ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed as you could be in that position for up to 1 hour.

When you are ready and comfortable, please take 3 deep cleansing breaths and say to yourself or aloud:

‘I will now receive the [NAME OF ATTUNEMENT] attunement from Jo Kelsall now and ask that I will receive the strongest energies that I am able to deal with.’ Some of the handbooks have there own pre-attunement statement so please refer to those.

Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the experience. You might notice the energy come to an end or you could fall asleep during the attunement. If this is the case you will remember when you wake up.

You will receive an attunement that is individual to you, everybody is different. Some people feel relaxed, some feel nothing and some can sense very strong vibrations. An attunement can have a similar feeling to a meditation.

When you feel the energy finish you will be attuned to the energy system, congratulate yourself for taking another step along your spiritual path.

Please share your experience with us so that we can forward your certificate to you, and give you any support that you might require

Activate and use the energies at least once a day, this will ensure that you become fully aligned with the new energies.