Jo is a medium, based in Worcestershire UK  who connects to your loved ones in spirit.  She is also psychic so can predict your future, and look at what is happening in your life if you wish.

The majority of her work is done through spirit, think of her as a phone line to heaven – she, with the help of her guides will connect and communicate with the spirit world for you.

During a reading she will also ask you if you have anything you would like to ask whoever you are connecting with – so please bring any questions that you would like answered.

Jo doesn’t read tarot, nor does she do Angel / Oracle card readings, although she sometimes uses them within a spiritual reading for client confirmation – they are never the main focus of a reading though.

Jo is also and energy healer, and will offer any healing required as she is made aware of during your reading – this will be done in a seated position and often at the same time as she is reading for you.

Sometimes Jo will read  ribbons, or personal items such as jewellery or precious objects in the form of psychometry. Psychometry is the psychic ability to sense (or read) the history of the item or the energy of the person whom it belongs too- this can be emotions or vibrations etc.

You are always welcome to record a reading on your phone, so you might want to grab a free voice recorder app before attending your appointment if you haven’t already got one.

You can book a reading or contact me for more info.

Readings are for the purpose of entertainment only