The following question often crops up during Reiki training at Rainbow Wings Academy

Can I wear jewellery when giving or receiving reiki?

There are many myths flying around stating that jewellery should not be worn because metal will interfere with the energy. Yes metal does conduct electricity, but how would that adversely affect the Reiki energy?

Does this mean that we can’t treat people with metal implants? I really don’t think so!! In fact I am speaking first hand here as I am a Reiki Master / Teacher with a metal implant in my head following major brain surgery in 2004. However I have experienced a client’s watch that has stopped during a treatment, so maybe remove those to be on the safe side!

I suggest that you ask the client to remove anything that could hamper their healing process, not because of the metal but because the client will be more comfy, and I don’t want to place my hands on a cold metal buckle or muddy shoes! This could include excessive jewellery, large buckle belts (unbuckle), scarves etc and of course shoes.

With all that said I do take health and safety into account, so I avoid wearing large heavy necklaces or scarves that could get in my way or even heaven forbid make contact with the client. Earrings should be nice and secure so that they don’t fall out and land on a client either! Of course be mindful when wearing large rings and bracelets! Practitioners also ask if crystal jewellery will ‘mess up’ the reiki energy. My answer to this is no, your crystal jewellery contributes to the energy of ‘you’, the energy that you radiate in your everyday life, so why should you remove it when you turn on your reiki?

As a Master I am happy to charge any crystals or jewellery that my students will be wearing or using during treatments, although it is important to remember that once you have been attuned to the energy of reiki you are just as capable of charging them yourselves! I will leave those thoughts with you so that you can make up your own mind.