12006367_1664568180423236_7499750186228587471_nThose who are on a spiritual journey will understand the frequent need to silence and solitude.

As we raise our vibrations and become more sensitive to the Universe,  as a whole we need time to be alone, to listen, to focus, to re balance, to understand, to heal, to see and simply be.

As we ascend into the 5th dimension we will no longer feel lonely when we are alone, we will no longer feel sad when we don’t have the continual ‘buzz of people around us – we will feel calm and at ease. 

We might feel the need to use crystals to absorb unwanted energy around us, we may find that you need to permanently protect ourselves  with divine light and not just when we are working. 

How many of these apply to you?

  • Are you becoming more sensitive and emotional, unable to deal with the energy of family and friends? 
  • Do you have a sense of ‘knowing’ when you haven’t before?
  • Does your aura feel heavy and your chakra’s unbalanced – take care of yourself and use your own method of spiritual hygiene to keep yourself feeling light and free.

Take time for yourself, to sit in silence and solitude, let your batteries of life recharge as you step up to the next level.

Shine you light….

Namaste <3

8th Oct 2015