Reiki Level 2 – Second Degree distant learning


Okuden – Reiki II Level two will deepen your understanding and it is a practitioner level.


Okuden – Reiki Level 2: Second Degree distant learning course will deepen your understanding and it is a practitioner level.  It covers hands on and distance healing and the symbols.

Course Syllabus :

  • Reiki second degree attunement
  • Review Reiki first degree
  • Study the symbols of second degree Reiki
  • How to send distant healing
  • How to give a professional Reiki treatment
  • Chakras & Auras in more detail
  • Lineage

Before you purchase please ensure

  • You will have a quiet space to accept the attunement, and become familiar with the energies
  • You should seek medical advice if you are ill or unwell
  • You have the openness and commitment to receive and accept  the energy
  • Prerequisite for the attunement into this system – proof of completion of Usui first degree.

Your purchase includes

  • A PDF document of the Reiki second degree  handbook
  • A distant attunement sent via one chi ball
  • Ongoing email support during your training and attunement.
  • A certificate sent via email.

Please visit our support page for further info.


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