Distant Energy Healing with Jo (30 minute appointment)


Energy Healing with Jo


Jo has been a healer for many years, she channels and shares gentle, soothing, yet powerful universal healing energy which is unique to her.

What can Energy Healing Help with?

  • Emotional and mental illness & imbalances.
  • Physical pain
  • Strengthen your communication with spirit
  • Works with your Chakras and Aura
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Stress and anxiety


What happens during a session?

  • You will be asked to relax at home through out the time of your appointment.
  • Jo will establish a connection to your energy body (Chakra’s & Aura) before to channelling the  healing energy required to you.
  • You are likely to become deeply relaxed, and may even drift off to sleep.
  • You may receive messages and insights in the form of images, feelings or words,

Before making your purchase us please note:

  • You should seek medical advice if you are ill or unwell
  • You have the openness and commitment to receive and accept  the energy
  • We do not claim to heal nor cure
  • Healing from us should not replace any treatment or advice given to you from a medical professional.
  • Due to Government legislation, we must inform you that healing for entertainment purposes only.

Your purchase includes:

  • An initial consultation via email
  • A 30 minute real time distant healing appointment (approx 20 minutes of healing) or it can be sent via a chi ball if you prefer.
  • Feedback following your healing session via email