Chakra Balance With Sound


The power of sound can bring deep relaxation and healing


Chakra’s are energy centres situated within your body. Balancing chakras will promote general health and well-being by bringing them all into align with each other.

Using tuning forks, the power of sound and or energy healing Andy will work with each individual chakra and clear any blockages, imbalances, your treatment is likely to leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed.

If your chakras are out of balance:

  • Feel unwell
  • Experience negative feelings
  • Not be grounded
  • Feel pain
  • Feel more tired than usual
  • Not be able to see the wood for the trees
  • Loss of appetite or over eating

Some of the things that balanced chakras can help with:

  • Clear thinking
  • Better sleep
  • Concentration
  • Motivation
  • Becoming happier with everyday life
  • Improved general health and much more.

Before making your purchase us please note

  • You should seek medical advice if you are ill or unwell
  • You have the openness and commitment to receive and accept  the energy
  • We do not claim to heal nor cure
  • Healing from us should not replace any treatment or advice given to you from a medical professional.
  • Due to Government legislation, we must inform you that healing for entertainment purposes only.

Your purchase includes:

  • A 60 minute appointment  in Worcester

Please note we do not currently offer group sound healing.


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