Reiki shareI am feeling Reiki blessed today! Teaching and sharing Reiki here in Worcestershire is one of my most favourite and rewarding parts of my job. Helping people to help themselves & others through reiki training brings such joy, but teaching students to teach others to help themselves & others is an even more honourable experience.

Sharing Reiki, sharing the power and love of it, increasing the presence of Reiki energy like the flame of a relay torch is a humbling and enlightening experience. Once which can not be explained, only experienced.

Today I received an additional Reiki Master attunement as I was lucky enough to be todays guinea pig, the last Master Attunement I received was over 8 years ago and that was from my Reiki Master. Today’s attunement was so powerful, peaceful and significant that I clearly didn’t want it to end, the energy that I channel out with reiki attunements came back today via the relay torch, and I can honestly say that I feel blessed to have received that very special moment. Keep sharing Reiki.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience a Reiki treatment I strongly recommend that you find the practitioner who you are drawn to, and if you are thinking about Reiki training please talk to the Master who you are drawn to  – Reiki can be a life changing experience, and for the better.