Have you ever felt the need to turn things down, which in a material world seem important? Things such as cancelling appointments and meet ups with friends, choosing to stay in rather than being out in crowded places?

Well, please take the time to applaud yourself for your courage and wisdom. Learning self respect is one of the hardest yet most beneficial things that you can do to nurture yourself. Please don’t feel guilty about letting people down, please don’t feel a failure because you can’t go through with things – you are protecting yourself, and doing what is right for you. You are putting your own inner feelings first – you are worthy. It takes enormous amounts of courage to do what you feel is wrong to step out of line, and follow your own path.

Believing in your own thoughts and feelings are important, setting boundaries will strengthen you and letting go of toxic energies around you, however great or small will leave you feeling more in control of your own life. Whether we like it or not some people are energy vampires, and will drain us of own higher energies and could leave us feeling grumpy, impatient, negative, uninspired, lacking motivation, and even totally out of character. These people may not even realise the impact that they are having on you and your life.

Spending time purposefully alone, or out in nature will often help you to build a greater connection with your guides, your inner knowing, your wisdom, your intuition. Taking time to tune into the real you is likely to motivate and empower you, inspire you and give you a clearer understanding of who you really are.

Learn to push your pause button and take time away from what is happening in the news, take that break from social media and the need to get swept into everyone else’s drama, leave the office gossip on the office doorstep – and notice how different you feel after a week or month!

Nobody deserves you more than you do, so stand tall and appreciate who you are. Living your life to ‘fit in’ is never healthy for you, so whilst you are busy being and becoming your true authentic self, please remember to always be kind and respectful to everyone – what we put out comes back to us tenfold!

Shine Bright today, and always.