Reiki is a spiritually guided life force healing energy that is a deeply relaxing treatment and can have wonderful effects when used on its own, or it can be used to enhance another therapy. Reiki training helps you to find your inner peace, promotes health and wellbeing in yourself and others, achieve balance and enable spiritual growth.

Your Reiki will be an expression of you, your life, your being and it will reflect the oneness with all that you are. Usui shared Reiki with us and left us with a set of tools to heal and pass on his shining light, rather like a relay torch – an everlasting Reiki flame….

Here at Rainbow Wings we appreciate that it is not always possible for you to give up 2 full days of your time, therefore we give you the opportunity to do some of your training online. If you chose to train this way, you will be expected to complete it prior to your practical training day and receive your attunements.


Shoden – Reiki I Is hands on and the emphasis is on healing family, friends and yourself. You are given appropriate attunements which will encourage self empowerment, physical and emotional balancing and spiritual development.


Shinpiden – Reiki III This level completes the reiki vibrations, deepens your understanding even further and develops your focus. We usually require you to have been working with Reiki 2nd degree energy for a minimum of 9-12 months before taking this level.

Master / Teacher Level. By Private arrangement only.

We often get found by Reiki practitioners who are struggling to find their way along their Reiki path. Many haven’t practised Reiki for years, some have lost confidence, and some have even said that that have never felt connected while others simply want a Reiki top up!. If this is you please get in touch as we would love the opportunity to help you to get back on track.  We run small friendly workshops and all so 1 2 1 training as we understand that a Reiki is unique  and individual experience to everyone.  Proof of original Reiki certificate is required before further training can commence.

As all Reiki practitioners are aware a Reiki attunement can never be wiped out nor will it go away. However occasionally one might feel that their Reiki has become stagnant and need a boast, some feel that they need to be re connected with the power of Reiki.  Rainbow Wings will be happy to help you. Attunement s are usually carried out on an individual basis and we require proof of original certificate so that we can re attune you to the level that you are already at.

We also offer refresher training days and re attunements to any level on proof of previous training, please visit our workshops for ways to collect C.P.D points

Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishikuro ** (**one of the 22 masters that Hawayo Takata Attuned)
Arthur Robinson
Jeanie Sand
Judith Tripp
Chasin Yamuna Wynn
Shirley Griffin
Joy Maurd
Pat Caplan
Jean Garrington
Jennifer Garrington
Joanna Kelsall