Welcome to the Power of Dragon. Dragons are often seen as a myth or fairy story, they come and go throughout history and only appear when needed. Many healers use dragon energy on a daily basis  – they are said to be the guardians of the underworld.

Here at Rainbow Wings academy we share our love of dragons by attuning others, it is known to many as ‘Power of Dragon’

The vibration of the Power of Dragon Empowerment can help raise you to the next level if you are already developed spiritually, and can greatly accelerate your journey.

Power Of Dragon Empowerment channelled to help :

  • Connect with the power of the dragon spirit
  • Promote energies of health, vitality and vibrancy
  • Increase magical insight, prowess, longevity, healing powers
  • Bring clarity of knowledge and infinite wisdom
  • Bring success, prosperity, good luck
  • Increase strength, courage, willpower, confidence and balance
  • Undergo sudden or rapid changes of spiritual growth and transformation
  • Protect ~ removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds
  • Accelerate the transfer of spiritual knowledge from dragons

If you would like to find out more about how you can connect to this energy please contact us.