Postnatal Depression (PND)

Although there are many causes of Postnatal Depression, we believe that addressing the issue through a holistic approach can bring many benefits.

Some of the things holistic therapies can help with:

  • Balancing hormones
  • Improve sleep
  • Build confidence
  • Helps you to cope
  • Relieving stress & anxiety
  • Boost your mood
  • Improving overall health & well-being
  • Quality mummy time
  • Release emotional baggage with an emotional detox
  • Improve interaction and bonding with your baby

We offer support through:

Reiki – a simple, natural and safe treatment that can be deeply relaxing and has been effective in treating the physical and emotional body. It can help bring the chemicals of your brain back into balance and eliminate any negative thought patterns that build up during the stress of every day life. It can also be beneficial to give Reiki to yourself while battling the baby blues  If you would like to learn more please visit our other business Rainbow Wings.

Indian Head Massage – a gentle and soothing massage to the head, arms, upper back, neck and shoulders. Massage can relieve fatigue & insomnia and improve the blood flow throughout your body. Indian Head Massage (IHM) is a relaxing treatment that can relieve stress and anxiety, lifting your mood which can help you to see the situation in a more positive way.

Baby Massage – PND can cause some mothers to struggle to interact and bond naturally with their infants. Baby massage is a simple way to sooth and clam your baby whilst learning to understand their cues and enhance the communication between the both of you. Massaging your child will strengthen your bond and deepen the feeling of trust & reassurance for your baby. Baby massage can provide the opportunity to meet other mums in a friendly, safe and controlled environment.

Where can I have a treatment?
Jo is a mobile therapist and is likely to be able to visit you. If you prefer, you can book an appointment with her at one of the therapy rooms that she works from in Worcestershire – please contact for more info.

Where can I learn baby massage?
We offer monthly small & friendly baby massage w week courses in Worcester. We can also offer appointments at your home throughout Worcestershire. we aim to have a maximum 6 babies on a course so that we can provide the personal attention that you and your baby deserve. Please contact us for more info.

We started baby massage in January 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed every session. The friendly atmosphere and tutorials were first class. I’d also like to add a little side note that since having my baby girl I was diagnosed with postnatal depression/social anxiety and my aim for the new year was to survive a class with strangers. I feel we struck gold with Jo & Andy and their warm and comforting classes. I personally have learnt far more than just massage techniques and my confidence and bond with baby has never been stronger. Thank you so much.