How a near death experience changed my life

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Lightarian Facilitator and Psychic Medium. Being born awake meant that I was seeing and sensing energies from early childhood. I spent my childhood feeling different, lonely and that I didn’t fit in. It was in 2004 during my near-death experience that it all started to make sense; the time had come for me to pass on and share with others.
Recovering from an acute subarachnoid aneurysm, I was very much drawn to Reiki, to assist my healing process on all levels. Sadly, my local natural therapy centre in Worcester, UK wouldn’t treat me, so feeling too unwell to investigate further, I became more determined to create a normal life again for myself.
I spent hours researching my condition online and realised how lucky I was to be alive. Not being able to deal with large groups of people I found a Colour therapy course which I could complete online, in the safety net of my own home. This course gave me the insights and knowledge to set me on my path. It was during my time spent online that a webpage kept appearing on my screen; it was for a competition to win a free Reiki session; I never win anything and what was the point if I couldn’t have Reiki anyway? With nothing to lose I decided to enter; to my astonishment I won, (I found out later I was the only person to enter) so I went along to my appointment and for the first time ever experienced what is known to many as Reiki. The session was wonderful; seeing bright violet colours and feeling a little confused, I somehow knew it was right.
At the end of my appointment at the Healing Room in Bransford, Jen asked me if I had thought about training in Reiki; I didn’t think I could have Reiki let alone train in it! 2 weeks later I had Usui Reiki first degree and met 3 lovely students, who I keep in contact with and I am proud to call my friends.
It soon became evident that I was on the right path, my first website, ‘My Healing Light’ was launched and I was sharing and teaching others in no time. With a keen interest in holistic therapies I went on to train in other subjects. It was in April 2008 that I became aware of my first guide, Roberto (Robo) and began communicating with him. With his help I went on to co-channel Cosmic Alignment Technique (C.A.T) in 2008/09.
During the autumn of 2008, I left my full-time career as a Manager in Early Years to care for my terminally sick father, (who by the way, had daily hands on Reiki healing) and find a less stressful part-time job, so that I could dedicate my time to him. However, the universe had other ideas, in February 2009 when I was guided to sign up to a business start-up course and become self-employed. Still not feeling safe in large groups I completed the week’s course and became my own boss. On the course I also met my husband-to-be and business partner too, so thank you Universe!
Between 2010 and 2011, it felt like my spiritual journey had almost ended, giving me some life-changing experiences, including grieving for my much loved Dad, dealing with family upsets and marrying the man I now call my hubby. Closing in was spirits way of giving me the time and space to cope.
It wasn’t long before I was back on my spiritual path; things were somehow different, but I had no idea why. My energies had changed and Robo wasn’t channelling with me anymore. I wasn’t doing anything different, but I soon realised that spirit were now helping me to prepare for the ending of the 3rd dimensional energies, and the world as we knew it prior to 21/12/2012. In 2011 I was working with my new guide, Oliver, who didn’t make himself known to me at the time. I called upon the services of another medium to help me; from that day, Oliver has worked closely with me, and as an unpublished poet in his time, he will often talk to me in rhyme.
In 2014 I was guided to channel and write a Reiki program for children, a simple energy system to help today’s children, who like me were born awake, giving them ways to focus their energies, understanding and knowledge. Rainbow Hands Energy System was channelled by me with the help of my guides in 2015; this energy felt very different and works very much with chakras.
During 2015 I was charging along my path, Rainbow Wings Academy was launched, and I knew it was time for the next upgrade. In December I happened to come across the Unicorn Energy Healing System; once attuned to this I was amazed that the power and energy of this system were so light, gentle and so different to the usual 3rd dimensional energies of Reiki. I felt free and ready to spread my wings and fly! There was no stopping me; these lovely energies were very much helping me with my personal Journey, and giving me the opportunity to share with others too.
A drawing arrived in my facebook inbox in January 2017 from one of my students. She is a psychic artist and Mau had come to her during a meditation. Mau is my strongest healing guide, we work closely together with intuitive channelled healing and readings.
I still have a lot to learn, with the help of my guides and the people we meet, but one thing is for sure, I very much enjoy my journey, and seeing the benefits of helping others with my open heart, and my open mind.
Love and Rainbow Blessings