Mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system, but by no means is it the quietest.  Being rocky like earth it can also be rocky in energy too, Mercury goes into Retrograde three or four times each year.

Mercury retrograde means that the planet mercury slows down, almost appearing to stop and move backwards – this of course is an illusion as it is actually moving forwards.

During these times we can experience misunderstandings and delays, times of fated events maybe, but is is definitely a time to take time out for reflection.

Mercury is the messenger, and during retrograde it seems to get a little lost or stuck en route, therefore  people can experience problems.  It’s not generally a good time to make quick decisions, try to make sure computer or phone files are backed up as technology doesn’t escape retrograde either!

It’s a good to idea to err on the side of caution during these times, take time out to reflect on your life and how you want it to move forward, life may seem to have slowed down allowing thoughts or things that have been buried for months, or even years to come to the surface – get back to the drawing board and allow your soul to ponder its way to your destiny!

So, while Mercury Retrograde can bring us oodles of stress, and what we might see as bad luck, take a break from your usual routine, pay attention to your goals & dreams, retreat, reflect and save any required action until retrograde has passed!

Hold this thought, it won’t last forever!