Your desire to learn is our inspiration to teach.


Rainbow Wings Academy Diploma courses are recognisable and insurable, on successful completion of a course you will be able to practice professionally. As our courses are small and friendly we tailor our course timetable to meet a student’s individual styles of learning giving adequate time to learn. However if we feel you need additional training we will invite you back to repeat the course free of charge. (within 12 months of the original course date) Reiki training helps you to find your inner peace, promotes health and wellbeing in yourself and others, achieve balance and enable spiritual growth.

Shoden - Reiki Level 1

Reiki First Degree

Shoden – Reiki I Is hands on and the emphasis is on healing family, friends and yourself.

Okuden Reiki Level 2

Reiki Second Degree

Okuden – Reiki II Level two will deepen your understanding and it is a practitioner level.

Shinpiden - Reiki 3 (Master)

Reiki 3 (Master)

Shinpiden – Reiki III This level completes the reiki vibrations, deepens your understanding even further and develops your focus.

Reiki Master Teacher Level

Reiki Master Teacher

This is the final level and enables you teach and share your knowledge this others.

Reiki Course Fees

First degree -£150
Second degree – £175
Reiki Master Practitioner – £200
Reiki Master Teacher – £200 (Master Practitioner must have been completed before taking this course)
Master Practitioner and Teacher taken together -£350
Reiki refresher workshop – £75
re attunement – £50

Circles & Workshops

Rainbow Wings Academy circles & workshops are fun, relaxed, informative and certainly feed your spirit. Learning the purpose of chakras and the effect they can have on our everyday life is also quite fascinating. Crystals are fascinating stones and each carry their own individual vibration.

If you would like to raise your vibrations and awareness come along and join one of our daytime or evening circles. It is a chance to give and receive a treatment.

Meditation has been known to benefit those suffering from anxiety and depression, it is deeply relaxing and can therefore help to calm the mind before sleep. If you would like to join one of our meditation circles, or if you would like a private 1-2-1 session please contact us for more information. The main purpose of meditation is to focus and quiet your mind, It is simple to learn and once you have mastered the skill you can use it anywhere.

Reiki shares and healing cirlces

Reiki Shares & Healing Circles

Our Reiki shares and healing circles are open to reiki first and second degree practitioners, other healing systems are also welcome.

Reiki Refresher Workshops

We often get found by reiki practitioners who are struggling to find their way along their reiki path.

Reiki Re Attunment

Occasionally one might feel that their reiki has become stagnant or need a boast

Development group

Raise your vibrations and awareness. During our 6 week course, you will be introduced to meditation, a pendulum, psychometry, meet you guides and more.

Online Meditation