How do I find the right Reiki Master Teacher?

When you are ready to begin your Reiki journey, sometimes the process can seem a little daunting or even overwhelming, and there are certainly a lot of Teachers out there. We have put together a few tips to help you to find the right one for you at the current time.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your Reiki Master Teacher.

  • It is important that you feel at ease with your Master, Reiki is all about energy, so feeling comfortable with the person who is going to guide you along your path is a must. “if you like my vibe, join my tribe”, trust your own feelings as energy doesn’t lie! We are more than happy to meet with you for a chat or treat you before you sign onto a training course with us.
  • Class sizes – would you prefer a big class of 10 or more students, a smaller group or train on an individual basis? Reiki can be taught in many ways, so enquire – your Master will understand your preference. Our classes are small and friendly,  we also teach 1-2-1.
  • Lineage – A Master Teacher should have their full Reiki Lineage and make this available on request. Please visit the Rainbow Wings website for Jo’s full Lineage.
  • Experience – Not all Master Teachers have been teaching for years, and those that have may not have continued to develop their knowledge since their original training. We have been teaching since 2007, and we have continued to explore energy healing ever since. Please visit the website for full information of all the healing modalities that we offer.
  • Why fees vary – Here at Rainbow Wings Academy we don’t believe in undercutting or overcharging, we aim to keep our rates competitive with other training providers. For some Masters, Reiki Training is their full-time occupation, while others are already in full-time employment. Some Masters work from a spare room within their home, while others have to pay room hire and travel expenses. Rainbow Wings train from various venues and also offer online training. Yes money is an important factor, however it is not always the most important one. Rainbow Wings Wings will offer a payment plan to help you.
  • Reiki training can be so profound and life changing that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Rainbow Wings will invite you back for a half day workshop approximately 4 weeks after training, and we are always available to contact via email or phone to answer any queries that might crop up.
  • Sometimes we come across students that have taken Reiki with another Master and for whatever reason are not able to get the most out of their Reiki, Rainbow Wings Academy understand that students will sometimes train with various Masters to complete their Reiki Journey. This is perfectly acceptable, as your energy changes, occasionally so must your Master. Rainbow Wings offer Refresher courses.
  • Rainbow Wings Academy teach Usui Reiki, Angel Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, and Reiki Kids.

Enjoy your Reiki Journey, which ever path you take, please respect Mikao Usui‘s teachings and always remember the importance of the Universal Law and Energy Exchange



Rainbow Wings



Reiki Kids

Brand new Reiki workshops for children coming this summer. 

Rainbow Wings Academy have been helping and supporting children and their families on their reiki journey for a number of years. Now we have launched a new reiki program to bring new insights and help you to embrace the natural and loving and nurturing energy, that is Reiki.

For more information please contact us.

What happens during a Reading with Rainbow Jo?

Jo is a medium, based in Worcestershire UK  who connects to your loved ones in spirit.  She is also psychic so can predict your future, and look at what is happening in your life if you wish.

The majority of her work is done through spirit, think of her as a phone line to heaven – she, with the help of her guides will connect and communicate with the spirit world for you.

During a reading she will also ask you if you have anything you would like to ask whoever you are connecting with – so please bring any questions that you would like answered.

Jo doesn’t read tarot, nor does she do Angel / Oracle card readings, although she sometimes uses them within a spiritual reading for client confirmation – they are never the main focus of a reading though.

Jo is also and energy healer, and will offer any healing required as she is made aware of during your reading – this will be done in a seated position and often at the same time as she is reading for you.

Sometimes Jo will read  ribbons, or personal items such as jewellery or precious objects in the form of psychometry. Psychometry is the psychic ability to sense (or read) the history of the item or the energy of the person whom it belongs too- this can be emotions or vibrations etc.

You are always welcome to record a reading on your phone, so you might want to grab a free voice recorder app before attending your appointment if you haven’t already got one.

You can book a reading or contact me for more info.

Readings are for the purpose of entertainment only

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system, but by no means is it the quietest.  Being rocky like earth it can also be rocky in energy too, Mercury goes into Retrograde three or four times each year.

Mercury retrograde means that the planet mercury slows down, almost appearing to stop and move backwards – this of course is an illusion as it is actually moving forwards.

During these times we can experience misunderstandings and delays, times of fated events maybe, but is is definitely a time to take time out for reflection.

Mercury is the messenger, and during retrograde it seems to get a little lost or stuck en route, therefore  people can experience problems.  It’s not generally a good time to make quick decisions, try to make sure computer or phone files are backed up as technology doesn’t escape retrograde either!

It’s a good to idea to err on the side of caution during these times, take time out to reflect on your life and how you want it to move forward, life may seem to have slowed down allowing thoughts or things that have been buried for months, or even years to come to the surface – get back to the drawing board and allow your soul to ponder its way to your destiny!

So, while Mercury Retrograde can bring us oodles of stress, and what we might see as bad luck, take a break from your usual routine, pay attention to your goals & dreams, retreat, reflect and save any required action until retrograde has passed!

Hold this thought, it won’t last forever!