Distant Reiki Training courses with Rainbow Wings

Reiki training helps you to find your inner peace, promotes health and wellbeing in yourself and others, achieve balance and enable spiritual growth. Rainbow Wings appreciate that it is not always possible for you to give up 2 full days of your time or visit us here...

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What is a chi ball?

A chi ball is literally an energy ball which was originally based on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine, a mass of energy which can be sent to anybody at any time. When you purchase a chi ball attunement, you will receive a chi ball made with the energy of...

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Discover Dragon Empowerment

Welcome to the Power of Dragon. Dragons are often seen as a myth or fairy story, they come and go throughout history and only appear when needed. Many healers use dragon energy on a daily basis  - they are said to be the guardians of the underworld. Here at Rainbow...

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Unicorn Energy Healing System

It is said that the Unicorns are coming to us now during this time of great difficulty in our world to teach and show us the gift of unconditional Love and the Power of Healing through their Energies & the Energies of the Unicorns Horn. The Unicorn Energy Healing...

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Can I wear jewellery when giving or receiving reiki?

The following question often crops up during Reiki training at Rainbow Wings Academy Can I wear jewellery when giving or receiving reiki? There are many myths flying around stating that jewellery should not be worn because metal will interfere with the energy. Yes...

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Rainbow Wings at your event.

Did you know that Rainbow Wings could be available to attend your event in Worcestershire? We are available for charity events, private pamper parties and public events. We can send a therapist to offer a range of holistic therapies including indian head massage and...

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Sharing the love and power of Reiki

I am feeling Reiki blessed today! Teaching and sharing Reiki here in Worcestershire is one of my most favourite and rewarding parts of my job. Helping people to help themselves & others through reiki training brings such joy, but teaching students to teach others to...

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Silence and Solitude

Those who are on a spiritual journey will understand the frequent need to silence and solitude. As we raise our vibrations and become more sensitive to the Universe,  as a whole we need time to be alone, to listen, to focus, to re balance, to understand, to heal, to...

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